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tv   Today  NBC  September 8, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello everyone and by that we mean you. so glad you're joining us for boozeday tuesday, it's september 8. i know you had a wonderful holiday weekend, hoda did. >> this is justin bieber. this is the song he talked about releasing crying during vmas. >> "what do you mean?" >> "what do you mean?" ♪ ♪
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>> well, justin bieber showed up and surprised some fans unexpectedly. we'll talk about that later in the program. >> all righty, and we were at the tennis yesterday at the u.s. open. a beautiful hot day. we saw gladys knight in the audience. >> she was there. >> we waved to her. apparently she's like the world's greatest tennis fan. >> she was sitting a little bit away from us. the matches were great. i can't remember one person. >> we don't remember who was playing. >> i didn't know any of their names. but you don't to. you watch people compete at that level and thank you to everybody there at the u.s. t.a.. they were so nice. >> harriet especially. she was so sweet and took great care of us. >> she took us right down to the very baseline. >> we were on the court. we were practically playing and it was a lot of fun. i went earlier with my mom a couple of days before and my friend mary and they have a big tennis racket so we picked it up. >> of course. >> i want to give a shout out to hannah and ellie.
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it's their first day of school today. you have to get the school out fit and the backpacks. the whole thing. so to all the kids having their first day of school, we hope that you have fun. >> hope they are watching. >> yes, exactly. then you ran into a familiar face. i didn't know who it was at first. >> okay. here's the thing. i've started having the worst hot flashes ever in the last ten days. it's gross. >> it's really, really bad. >> remember at the open? >> it was 93 degrees. >> i was dripping. so i was on a mission to go to whole foods yesterday -- >> and get your cohosh? >> black cohosh, it's an herb. so i decided to get a juice and who's there? steven tyler. then he said "i need to get cream for my face." i said "there's a whole foods
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right down the street." so we walked together down to whole foods. he looks great. he looked like a child. >> well, he has a beard. a child with a hormonal problem but okay. >> she's 67 years old. >> the woman's name from u.s. open was katrina. >> and we want to say congratulations to our little sister sara hanes. she and her husband max are expecting a baby boy. >> so happy for them. >> do you remember how she got her start? >> yes, she was booking cars for everybody here. and she was doing a lot of the online stuff and hoda and i adored her and we're like "why aren't you on camera?" and she goes "well, i'd like to someday." so we said "come on with us!" >> and then a star is born. >> good for her. we wish her the best. >> yes, we do. >> it's that time of year again but nobody wants it. nobody's ready for fall yet.
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they want the pumpkin spice latte. >> they're back at starbucks. >> this time apparently they're made with real pumpkin. that looks a little like baby barf. >> the top probably went away. you know because it's probably -- they bought ate long time ago. >> but it's delicious. okay. >> they use real pumpkin in this. >> they altered the recipe, they thought it should have real pumpkin and it will not have caramel coloring anymore. so buzzfeed got our attention: we always talk about them because they just do interesting thing. it asks the question are you more kathie lee or more hoda? when i first saw that i just thought are they trying to do some sort of a popularity thing and i was upset because i was thinking we love each other and we don't need that kind of stuff. however it's not that at all. >> so take the quiz along with us and you can figure out if you're more like kath or me. >> so red or white wine?
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you said white and i said red. >> yup, yup. >> pick an era of music. kathie lee said the '70s. >> gladys knight. ♪ on that midnight train to georgia ♪ >> >> '60s or '70s. >> i said today's hits. what did you say? >> i said the '70s. all. >> i don't know, all the numbers are up there. ful pick a kardashian. we pick picked khloe kardashian. >> pick another "today show" anchor. we were given two choices. >> and they were willie and al and we didn't know what to do. i picked al. >> i picked willie. >> we had to. then there was a color. pick a color. is it pink or blue. what'd you pick? >> i picked blue. >> i picked blue, too. then there's one more. >> pick a celebrity bff. these are the choices, amy
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schumer, ed sheeran, sandra bullock and jennifer lawrence. i picked sandra bullock. >> you did? so did i. >> are we the same person? >> so the results were kathie lee is more of a -- me. well, of course i am! and hoda is more of a -- hoda! >> what was the point? [ laughter ] no, what was the point? what was the point of that whole operation? >> i do not know. if somebody can explain it we'd love to hear from you. >> it works! >> it works because we picked our own answers. >> harry styles corrects a fan's poster. >> they go to the one direction. >> i have mixed feelings about this. >> the fan has a sign that says "hi, harry, your so nice." the poster is spelled incorrectly. so he says "bring the poster up." he corrected the grammar to "you
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are." >> the contraction. >> and tweeted the picture and she thanked him for correcting her grammar. um -- look, i know when i read something -- that's incorrect i don't love the whole like "no, no, no, apostrophe." it's in front of a million people. >> once in a while it's fun. i try to avoid it, too. but you get nasty things once in a while and somebody says "you're such a hypocrite. but hypocrite was h-i-p." and i said "by the way, it's h y-p." so if you can help someone with their spelling it's a nice thing. >> all right. >> it's not hypocritical. >> no, it's not. dwayne johnson better known as the rock saved two newly adopted little puppies from drowning. he adopted these little french
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bulldogs. >> and he decided he was going to let them go in the backyard so they could learn how the do their business like big boys. so he opens the door, the two dogs go racing out. well, he has a pool and his pups hobbs and brutus jump into the pool. one of them swam -- >> and the other one sunk like a brick, he said. >> so he dove down in his white t-shirt. [ laughter ] to go rescue the one that sunk and he said that he learned a lesson, that not all puppy cans swim. there's not an instinctive -- i thought they could doggie paddle. anyway, he learned a lesson and saved them. >> how cute is he with those puppies? we just wanted to see him in his shirt. we're looking for "today" show fans who are celebrating a life milestone. are you going to crash this party? >> if you know someone getting married, celebrating an anniversary, a wedding or a sweet 16 or about to retire. we want to know about it, go to and tell us all
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about it. >> all righty. and there's somebody sitting in our control room and -- >> it might be amanda avery who's having her 27th birthday today. >> happy birthday. >> amanda is our new orleans girl. she worked so hard over the last month. she deserves a raise. >> just look at her! >> somebody give her a raise. >> we love her to pieces. why singer sam smith may be getting shaken and stirred. plus the actress who's always happy-ish, catherine hahn (sarah) we get our speed from mom and dad. (carter) they do stuff super fast. and now they got this new kitchen -so they're even faster. (zoe) so they can help us with our free throws. (announcer) the time saving frigidaire gallery line... with a quick pre heat. a dishwasher with four times better water coverage. and smudgeproof stainless steel that resists fingerprints and cleans easily. it's meal time in no time. from start to clean. (mom) team bus is leaving! (announcer) frigidaire gallery.
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actress kathryn hahn has appeared in over 50 films including "how to lose a guy in 10 days" and the 2013 comedy if "we're the millers." she played a political strategist on "parks and rec." >> now she's taking a turn for the creepy in the new horror film by. many -- m. knight shyamalan called "the visit." and things get sinister. >> mom, you need to get us right now. >> what? what happened? >> mom, get in the car and come right now. >> do you know how long that would take my car, rebecca? >> mom, trust me, there's something wrong with nana and poppa. i'm telling you, you need to come pick us up tonight. >> bekka, you're scaring me, my
10:14 am
heart is in my throat. >> we're okay now, just come. >> did you go? [ laughter ] >> i was too busy. sorry, guys. i had so many things to. >> do you are a terrible mother! >> real hands off. >> so nana and poppa are demon possessed or something? >> it's the most -- i've never done one of these -- intentionally. and it was -- >> did you just snort? >> yes. >> she has a great snort. >> it was terrifying. >> you're not a scary movie kind of girl? >> i am! the irony is i love a scary movie and i watch -- it drives my husband crazy because i watch it, like, through -- he's like "why did we go if you're talking through the whole thing?" i'm looking through a water bottle, my ears are plugged. >> but you like the adrenaline factor. >> i like the audience vibe. i love a testifying audience. when you have to yell to the screen. >> "get out of the house."
10:15 am
>> have you seen this film with an audience? most people are probably going "you're a terrible mother!" >> she's a good momma. she -- i have never -- tonight's the first time i get to see it with a big group. i saw it with -- in a very small screening with a few people. >> was it scary seeing in the the small room? >> yes. >> my daughter was in one earlier in the summer called "the galgallows." it's interesting watching it small and then in a real movie theater with real people reacting. >> it's so different. i'm so excited for it. >> so what things do scare you? what kind of things? ghosts? are you more into the violent scary or the -- >> gory? >> i was going to say my garage right now is terrifying. i need to get in there and clean it up. no, i don't like gore, i like more of a -- [ laughter ] gosh! >> does that kind of thing do it
10:16 am
to you? >> happy halloween! my son would be thrilled about that. can i have that? >> they didn't know what you did for a living. tell us what happened. >> the guy said "you're an actor, right? "i said "yeah." then he said "show me your act." he put me on the spot. he was not impressed? >> what are the ages of your kids? >> six and eight and they just started school today. i can't believe it. >> they did? >> yeah. >> you are a terrible mother! your kids are at school and you're here. >> you don't just play a terrible mother, you are one. >> it's very, very method. >> are your kids afraid to go to school? >> we got end-of-summer blues in our house. we hate that. we're like -- we went to see
10:17 am
"e.t." at the hollywood bowl and the l.a. philharmonic played the score. it was beautiful. it's been a fun summer. >> but you're back to "happy --ish." was that canceled --ish? >>. [ laughter ] yes! >> but she is in a new movie. we love it when you come. >> i'm so happy to see you! we're so sorryish about the other things. [ laughter ] >> the crowd is ready for our guys but are the guys ready for our crowd? >> plus, two of our three favorite three-year-olds, elmo and abbey are here with some fun games for the kids coming up games for the kids coming up af (chhe's so cute!ng) what should we name him? (gasps) can we keep him? -please? mom, can we keep him? ahh! (both) pleaaaase?
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first time. >> but you can help them build the skills they need for pre-school or kindergarten and beyond with fun games. here to tell us about them is rose marie rule the owe, senior vice president of content at sesame workshop. >> and two folks who need no introduction, elmo and abbey. nice to see you guys! oh, thank you! >> we're going play in a little bit. >> it's so great. the great thing -- one of the great things about this concept is kids can be having fun while they're learning something, right? >> absolutely. sesame workshop is a not for profit educational organization and our mission is to help children grow smarter, stronger and kinder. we do that through our engaging stories and content with our muppets to show children they're learning lots of things while they're playing because play is how children learn. >> what kind of things do they learn that way, do you think? >> well, one of the core school readiness skills is to help children have better school of
10:22 am
their emotions, especially now because school can be exciting but so it can be an anxious time for children so we teach them about their emotions through games as well as controlling their emotions but it's also important for children to develop listening skills. >> oh! >> listening skills and to focus their attention and to remember rules. >> and some do it better than others! >> exactly. >> but they have two worlds, the world at home and the world at school and that can be hard for children at time because they go from one world to the other world. >> and the world of recess. >> the word of recess! that's also fun. >> elmo and abbey, do you guys want to play some games with the kids? >> you want to play games, everybody? okay, let's -- >> the first game we'll play, elmo, is elmo says. and what's really important is that we have to listen to what elmo tells us and listen to the
10:23 am
directions. these are important school readiness skills. take it away elmo. >> you're the teacher, elmo. >> let's play elmo says. elmo says touch your nose. elmo says touch your nose. elmo says go wuba wuba, wuba. now clap your hands. >> oh! >> elmo didn't say "elmo says." >> that's part of the instructions. >> can we play freeze dance? >> freeze dance, abbey likes this dance all the time. >> okay here's what you do, when you hear the music you're like whoo, yes, yes! when the music stops you have to freeze. okay? okay, everybody. ready? >> crank it, please. ♪ ♪
10:24 am
♪ ♪ [ music stops ] ♪ ♪ >> hoda, i like this one. [ music stops ] >> yay! [ applause ] you guys are awesome! >> we thank you so much! thank you. >> the new tv show is called "play all day with elmo." they left out poor abbey i don't know. >> she's in there. >> and i like to play when i'm watching it because elmo plays. >> l you keep dancing abbey for us? coming up, more fun when we go for the guinness world record live. find out what the man in your life is really thinking when our guys tell us after your
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>> we're already close to our normal high temperature. it's already 80 degrees. the pocono mountains, it's a little cooler there but with the bright sunshine will it will be near 90 degrees. 79 degrees for mt. poke now. 82 for wilmington. trenton is up to 81. headed for the 90s this afternoon, bright sunny skies and southwesterly winds bringing in additional humidity. and if you see or smell smoke in south jersey today, it's probably from this brush fire near the border of burlington and ocean counties. we got an updated an hour ago from ocean county leaders. this video this morning shows the fire still burning but county leaders tell us it is now contained. the fire started yesterday. no homes are in danger. in about an hour and a half, free tickets are available for the papal visit. first up is an event at independent hall. pope francis will deliver an
10:28 am
address on immigration on saturday 26th. more tickets will be up for the papal visit and festal of family tomorrow. to find out how you can get your tickets and all the information on the latest papal visit, use the "nbc10 news" app. i'm vai sikahema. we will have a full hour of news coming up in another 30 minutes. of course, you can always get the latest news and the weather with the nbc10 app. we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. we'll see you back here in about half an hour.
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10:30 am
we are back on this boozeday tuesday with the hunky man panel we like to call "guys tell all." so if you're wondering what guys are thinking we have the answers. so we have a single manzo and two of our veterans, our panel who are each married with kids -- not to each other, but we don't judge. chuck nice and rick younger. rick can be seen on his low-budget show on periscope. what? >> it comes from my kitchen. i'm cooking, singing. >> and the single ben gleib, a comedian host of "the idiot test." we like that show. >> we like the idea of it be the
10:31 am
show itself -- it's on gsm. >> you ladies are pretty good at it. >> we're going to go across the street, boys, for our first question. go ahead. >> hi, my name is mattie and i'm from michigan. my question is is it a deal breaker if your significant other does not cook or clean very often -- because i don't. >> she doesn't. >> hi, mattie, i'm chuck and i'm from new york city and the answer is yes! [ laughter ] >> what? >> i like to cook and clean myself -- no, i hate cleaning, cleaning gone, forget it. >> you have to cut a deal. >> i like to cook and i like to be clean but i don't -- i'm not very neat so you have to at least be tidier if -- if you're going to be with me. >> it depends what you bring to the table. if you have a good job gong on. but if you're boring and not cleaning or cooking. >> let me give you the translation -- if you are awesome in bed you don't to do anything. [ laughter ]
10:32 am
>> i beg to differ because unless you're giving me awesome in bed on a constant basis, several times a day, i'm going to need a little more. >> several times a day? >> i'm just saying! >> it takes a lot. it takes a lot. if you're going to not to do anything you have to do a lot more -- i'm a grown man, i need more. >> why can't you throw a clean kitchen on top of that, too? >> i'll need more than that to keep me happy in life. >> if someone had an opportunity to be with you several times a day, everyone would choose dishes. [ laughter ] >> and that's what i wanted in the first place. so it's a win-win. >> let's go back across the street. >> i'm debbie from new jersey and i want to know when is it acceptable to ask about finances or credit score and how do you handle it if the answers you get back don't meet your expectations. >> that's a very good question. >> debbie like me is from new jersey and a new jersey girl will ask about your finances before getting a phone number or
10:33 am
anything like that. [ laughter ] oh, my god, yeah. that's why i'm such a good liar. >> that seems incredibly shallow. >> it's an important thing to talk about at some point because when you get married you become one and your bad credit is now my bad credit. >> well, if you're that far along -- >> here's the deal. here's what you should do as a woman, this is what i'm telling my daughter who may start dating soon is that when you look at a man's finances you're looking at how he handles his life. >> that's true. >> so when you look at how he handles his life, if his finances are a mess, chances are his life is a mess, too, and you don't need a mess. >> is that why i'm sing? because of my credit score? i need to get to 7 snurks. >> get the fico right. >> a bad credit score will have you sleeping in your mom's basement for more than one reasons. >> listen, my free web site is
10:34 am >> well, that's a bit extreme. >> at some point but itam extremely rude the first date. >> i think you have to wait. is that it? oh, what? >> we have a packed show today. we don't have time anymore for you guys. >> heartbroken. >> hollywood couples calling it quits in today's buzz. >> and if you have five minutes you have dinner tonight. simple weeknight supper, we promise, right after this. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number...right now all beds on sale! sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. don't miss the final days of the biggest sale of the year! with the c2 queen mattress just $599.99. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. dulchange hair? gloss it! nutrigloss. l'oreal's new glossing shampoo system.
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if the lock hollywood weekend has you feeling out of the loop, we'll get you caught up in today's buzz. >> here with the celebrity news you need to know is it or the and chief of showbusiness jack rico. hi, jack. >> how are you ladies? good to see you. >> starting off with sad news with john hamm and his long time girlfriend. >> john hamm and his partner jennifer west felde have split up after 18 years of being together. >> that's a long time. >> they put out an official statement but nowhere in the statement are there reasons or explanations on why they broke up. >> well, it's nobody's business, is it? >> but sometimes it gets to a lot of -- magazines probably ask, things like that. but it's very private and in this particular case they were never married but they're easily one of the most stable relationships in hollywood, 18 years. and so john hamm and her, he starred in two of her movies
10:40 am
which she wrote, one of them was "kissing jessica stein" and the other was "friends with kids" in 2011. he's up for an eighth nomination at the emmys on september 20 for the role of don draper. now, he's never won it, but this is the last time he's eligible for that and i think he has a good option and could probably win the whole thing. >> but it just also was very candid about the fact that he came through rehab, right? so i'm sure there will be lots of speculation. nobody knows what goes on with two people. >> not at all. >> sam smith. he hinted at news then gave away the deal. he told the story. is. >> that's right, on instagram yesterday he posted on his instagram account a black-and-white photo of presumably his hand with a ring on his finger and had the logo of an octopus which is the logo of the villainous organization in the new james bond movie "specter" which basically got all social media crazy, abuzz with the fact that he was going to sing the new james bond theme
10:41 am
which he confirmed with natalie this morning. if it goes anywhere near what adele went through with "skyfall," she won a golden globe and oscar for that. >> did he write this song? >> from all reports he did. the name of the song is "writings on the wall." it comes out october 23 so you should be looking for that. >> he is so talented. and hugh jackman in the bond world, too. >> he was in australia on this news program and they asked him hey, listen, if -- once daniel craig steps off in the james bond role would you be interested in being the new james sfwhobond? he said he'd consider it but ten years before the producers approached him while he was shooting "x 2" while he was doing the wolverine role and he said he'd consider it this time around. >> he'd be a good choice, don't you think? >> for anything. >> i'm going to see him tomorrow night, i'll see his new movie "pan" so i'll ask him about that
10:42 am
and get back to you. >> another quick video, justin bieber surprised some people, an impromptu concert where he picked up drumsticks and started playing? >> this is a little great story. he went to visit a friend in angola, indiana, population 8,600. one of these night he is pops into a bar, starts playing video games and he gets recognized and frenzy ensues. >> i bet. >> he was generous enough to pose for pictures with fans then he just went over and asked the cover band at that moment if he could join in on the drums. they obviously acquiesced. >> hello. >> and it became such a social media frenzy. >> he seems like he's on a better road now. hopefully he's got much more trustworthy people now. >> and his single is top 13 right now. he'll be at the "today" show plaza this weekend. >> thanks, jack. >> will he be the top dog? >> an amazing pooch tries to set a guinness world record live. >> hind legs up the stairs. no time, no problem, a go-to
10:43 am
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now that everybody's back into their busy work and school routine, there's not a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. >> so hour "today" food team came up with a plan to get dinner on the table and fast and all you need the five minutes. >> came baker is author of "working in the the kitchen, food for the work week." >> today we're going to make pork cutlets. these are the ingredients we're going to use. >> what are they? >> we have pork chops. i'll show you how to make a cutlet. you have basil, apricot preserves, red wine, there you go. >> why are you pointing at me? >> already you're liking this. we'll season them with salt and pepper and a little bit of garlic powder and this is just very simple seasoning. >> easy breezy. >> easy breezy. >> when a meat is that good and so tasty you don't want to lose the taste of meat.
10:49 am
>> i'm going to get these started. we have olive oil in the pan. >> you cut off the fat or leave it on? you don't care. >> if you want to trim it that's fine. >> no, it makes it taste better with it on. >> so when you get a pork chop from the grocery store it's often thicker so you just slice it into two. and if you just -- you want to make it even all the way across. >> good luck with that. >> it's kind of like butterfly ago pork chop but you go all the way through then you end up with two cutlets. so this will sere for a minute and a half on either side. >> searing my eyeballs. >> then we hour in the red wine into the apricot preserves. and if you don't like pork, you can use shrimp or chicken and then if you're a white wine lover instead of red you can use white wine. you could also use orange juice. so there you go, a little unknown thing. so these cook for about a minute and a half on each side. i'm going to turn them over.
10:50 am
>> and pork needs to be cooked through because of the potential for -- >> yeah, but you can enjoy it on the medium rare side, that's acceptable. you just want it to be to the proper temperature. >> now what are we -- >> is that it? >> so then we'll hour in the apricot preserves and you let that reduce down. >> for how long? >> once it reduces down it gets thicker then you add a little bit of basil. >> i love basil on everything. >> that takes three minutes. then you have a salad here. this is apples and that have been sauteing. >> any kind of apple? >> any kind of apple. >> you're putting the lettuce in the frying pan? >> fried lettuce. >> i like it already. >> that's right. and this takes maybe a minute and it wilts down. you don't need a salad dressing. >> oh! >> add a little salt and pepper. >> let's give this baby a try. >> it looks really good. >> what do you think hoda, woman? >> kim! kim! this looks delicious.
10:51 am
>> five minutes. that's all it takes, and if you want you can make this a complete maeal. add figs to the plate, asparagus or peas and you can turn it into tacos with leftovers. you can just put a little mango and avocado. >> the lettuce is really tasty. >> for this recipe and 30 days of easy dinner ideas go to >> will sailer the dog make it into the giuinness book of worl sflords we'll find out. >> really good.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
we are here across the street at the morrell wine bar and cafe -- a place we love -- >> for our special series break it today. >> all week talented animals will be trying to break records, guinness world records. today this amazing poodle named
10:55 am
sailor will attempt to become a guinness world record record holder to climb stairs on hind legs alone. >> sailor's trainer is alex. great to see you again. so you train rescues, that's your expertise, huh? >> yes. i got this dog when he was six months old, was going to be destroyed. >> how do you freezing rain a dog to walk on its hind legs upstairs? >> show him how to do it. [ laughter ] >> well, it takes a lot of time. many hours. you teach the dog first how to walk on his hind legs then teach him to take a step and from a step you build it up and from one step to two steps, very time consuming but it's more conditioning the dog to be able to do it. >> and people want to know if the dog enjoys it. >> it's like anything else. when he's learning -- everyone says, you know, do i use treats. i use praise. my dog every ten seconds. >> that's what i do with hoda.
10:56 am
it works great. >> he loves the praise. >> what did you just say? [ laughter ] >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> okay, so you'll go up to the top. let us know when you're ready. >> heel. sit. good boy. stay. stay. >> we have the adjudicator here. >> stay. stay. stay. stay. >> look hue he's looking at him. >> stay, stay. >> tell us when you're ready. >> sailor. walk, sailor, walk. walk. walk. and step. step. good boy. go, go, go, sailor, you got it. good boy. walk, walk. go, go. you got it sailor! atta boy! go, go, go. [ cheers and applause ] good boy, sailor! atta boy! good boy! >> oh, my gosh.
10:57 am
oh, my gosh! it's a celebration! >> wait a minute. let's hear. what was the verdict from our guinness world recorded a jude kator? >> sailor attempts the title for the fastest time to climb 20 stairs. the minimum to beat was 30 seconds. >> how many? >> and sailor did it 18.9. >> way! congratulations! >> that was beautiful to watch. thank you so much. >> coming up tomorrow we have carol king and the cast of "beautiful" they'll stop buy with big news. >> plus elvis duran's artist of the month. tomorrow is winesday wednesday. one of the best days of 
10:58 am
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